Our engineers aren’t the only ones getting excited about the new Pocket PC features – our beta users are getting excited too! Here’s what one of our customers had to say…

I had been a user of another PDA Bible Software product until being introduced to the Olive Tree BibleReader through purchasing the New Oxford Annotated Bible for my PPC.  I immediately liked the interface and then found the wide range of original language tools available.  I have since bought several English translations, two versions of the Greek text, and the “Little Kittel” Theological Dictionary.  I have also regularly loaded the beta releases and have appreciated the increases in both functionality and ease of use.  This [latest] update is incredible.  Kudos to whoever developed the second toolbar.  I can view full screen and still have easy access to the functions I commonly use with a pull-down bar that only shows when I want it.  This is great!  Love this build!  [This] second toolbar is just the latest step forward in molding the application interface to match the way people use the software.  What a concept!

So – if you’re a feature lover, get ready for the new Pocket PC reader, or get a sneak peak with the beta reader today!

~ K