For a number of years now I’ve had the pleasure of serving our users with customer/technical support.  Whether through email or a phone call I’ve been involved with helping hundreds if not thousands of dear people getting the BibleReader and a Bible version installed on their PDA or Smartphone.  The overwhelming majority of the time it comes to a happy conclusion with the user saying “There it is – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.  Their Bible is installed and now they can get on with the pleasure of reading it on the device in their hand.   

Day by day we get to enjoy these small encounters with people from all over the world.  But we’d like to hear what else we might do to make your Olive Tree experience more pleasant.  It came to mind that we might use this blog site as a means to ask you for some feedback on our Customer Support or the website in general.  We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you have that would help us serve you better.     

So if you have been looking for something and can’t find it, or you find some installation instruction difficult to understand, please let us know because we want to make this as user friendly as we can.  Our goal in customer support is that you would be reading the Bible on your device not spending too much time trying to get it up and running.   

We look forward to your thoughts and observations. Feel free to email me at with any of your comments!

- Kimbobwe