On Tuesday, us O.T. engineers left for Mount Spokane for an “Engineering Meeting.”  We spent hours (well, at least 2 hours) working our way toward the top of Day-Mount Spokane!  Of course, on the way up we talked about Olive Tree (for at least part of the time :-)).  Finally, we reached the peak….



hike_4 hike_5



Top Picture from left to right:

Stephen Johnson (my bro): Senior software engineer : always making the Bible reader the best it can be
Chris Early: Intern programmer 1 : Doing LOTS of programming with conversion projects!!!
Paul Johnson (me): Intern programmer 2 : Created material for the iPod, and tutorial videos
Tim Rosinbum: Regular expression guru (a.k.a. conversion project master): Converted almost 100 items!
Drew Haninger: owner and CEO : Does everything!

Engineers that couldn’t make it due to different geographic locations:

Kathy Stevens: AMAZING conversion programmer : Oxford material and other great resources
Drayton Benner: Programmer/Hebrew scholar : Did unicode Hebrew HMT and font support

This is only the list of engineers.  There are many others who do LOTS for O.T.!!!