Olive Tree has been releasing new products at a record rate! We have never before delivered such a great selection of Bibles, eBooks, dictionaries, Bible study aids and devotionals at such a pace as we have in the last month. We have posted over 30 new products since the beginning of October, including some very valuable and useful tools and some insightful and inspiring devotionals and eBooks. Although I could talk about all our new products at length, I want to take some time to highlight some of my recent favorites. As always, you can find all our recently released products for the last two months in our New Releases section.

Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names: This concise but exhaustive dictionary gives the Greek and/or Hebrew translations of all the names in the Bible. Names have meaning in the Bible, and here is a resource that every Bible student should have. I only regret that the authors did not include verse references for the names; however, since they use the KJV and NIV versions, a simple search in one of those Bibles on  your mobile device would quickly return all the results you need!

Josephus and Philo: As a history major, I cannot help but enjoy studying the context of the Bible, and these two ancient authors, although not Christians, tell us what the world was like when Jesus physically walked the earth. If you haven’t got these yet, you should because they cost you nothing. Like many resources from Olive Tree, these are free.

A Compassionate Roar: John Anderson’s call to Christians to awake to their moral and spiritual duties in the face of an immoral and godless world is a great reminder of our responsibility before God to stand up for Him in a sober, compassionate and firm way.

Norwegian Bible; Basque New Testament; Polish New Testament; Swedish 1917 Bible; Reina Valera 1858 New Testament: One of my favorite aspects about working for Olive Tree is how many free Bibles we offer in many languages of the world for missionaries and Christians all across the globe. These Bible translations, like so many other free Bibles from Olive Tree, are offered to you at no charge.

Complete Bible Discussion Guide: If you have a Bible study or are looking for a systematic way to study a passage in the Bible, this is it! Author Mack Thomas has study questions for every chapter of the Bible that lets you mine the riches of God’s Word.

Teach Me to Pray; Strengthen My Spirit; Grant Me Wisdom; Renew My Heart: These four daily devotionals, containing extracts from Andrew Murray, Charles Spurgeon, Matthew Henry and John Wesley respectively, are treasure chests of inspiration, filled with these classic writer’s faith-infusing, challenging and refreshing words. Each are less than four dollars, and provide a year’s worth of blessings.

These titles above are just a sampling of what Olive Tree has released recently, including devotionals from Frances Roberts, The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort, and more. Like I said before, check out our New Releases section for all the latest products!