We are back from the national conferences for ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) and SBL (Society of Biblical Literature). We had a great time at both of these conferences.

The highlight of the conference for me was meeting and talking with Olive Tree users. We had a great response to the early release of the Unicode Hebrew with BDB. The Unicode Hebrew will be available on our web site within a few weeks. I upgraded numorous people to the new Unicode Hebrew. It was fun seeing their excitement when they saw how amazing the new Hebrew looks! We got many oohs and ahhs over the new Unicode Hebrew. For more information on the Unicode Hebrew you can read these blog articles http://www.olivetreeblog.com/2007/08/02/hebrew-and-aramaic-developments/ and http://www.olivetreeblog.com/2007/08/29/unicode-on-palm/.
Unicode Hebrew

While at the conferences we talked with many publishers about electronic publication of their content in the Olive Tree format. We made some good contacts and started the ball rolling on a number of projects.

The most common question we got was, “Do/Will you support the iPhone?”. In February Apple will be releasing a development kit for developing native iPhone applications. Once this development kit is available we will be able to better investigate what will be involved in porting the BibleReader to the iPhone. After we have better information about porting the BibleReader to the iPhone we will make a decision about supporting the iPhone.

Here is a picture of myself, Drayton, and Drew in the Olive Tree booth at SBL. I am on the left, Drayton is in the middle, and Drew is on the right.

SBL Booth

For those of you state side, have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!