We have recently released 9 new collections, including a couple new study Bibles, and we have more collections and study Bibles on the way. We’ve taken a slightly different approach with this season’s collections, trying to bring together resources that cover common themes or topics, and offering some of the most popular texts in that category. Here are a few examples…

We just posted the Bible Biographies Collection, which bundles together all our eBooks that are biographies on different figures in the Bible. So with one download, and at a very discounted price, you can have all 7 of these resources easily accessible on your PDA.

Another of our new collections is the Basic Study Tools Collection. In this package we brought together some of the essential resources for studying the Bible, with the goal of providing a basic, affordable package to get any student of the Bible started with PDA Bible Study.

Here’s one that everyone’s sure to enjoy: the eBook Classics Collection, which includes writings from some of Christianity’s most well-respected authors: Madame Guyon, Martin Luther, Andrew Murray, St. Augustine, John Calvin, and several others – 26 eBooks in all! And as an added bonus, this collection is available absolutely free :) We have another eBook Classics Collection coming out in a few weeks that includes some of our other Classics that are licensed through a publisher, and will thus be available for sale.

One final thing to make mention of here – we have a new section on our website for Study Bibles, and we have just recently posted a few more: the Catholic Study Bible and New Scofield Study Bible, both with notes from Oxford University Press, and the Ryrie Study Bible.

Well, that’s all for now! Enjoy browsing our new selections!

~ Kristi