Christmas is barely past, and we at Olive Tree hope you had a very good time with family and friends, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Where we are, snowfall made it a beautiful, quiet Christmas evening, the perfect capstone to a very enjoyable day.

I wanted to take a brief moment to promote two new releases, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and The Evidence Bible Notes. These two resources are powerful additions to your Olive Tree library, and I highly recommend both of them.

Webster’s 1828 DictionaryNoah Webster, considered by many the “Father of American Scholarship and Education” and “America’s Schoolmaster,” was a devout Christian who influenced generations of Americans with his Blue-backed speller books. He is best known for his 1828 An American Dictionary of the English Language, now available from Olive Tree. This dictionary has perhaps the most verse references in any major reference work. It is unlike any dictionary we have offered before because it defines all the words in the English language in 1828. Surprisingly, most of the definitions are the same now as in 1828, and this dictionary provides a window into what the English language was like in the early nineteenth century.

The Evidence Bible Notes – Well known evangelist and Christian apologist Ray Comfort has compiled an impressive array of evidence for the authority and authenticity of the Bible. Using quotes from some of the most eminent scientists and thinkers in history like Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and Sir Isaac Newton, Comfort reveals how the Bible holds up to scrutiny while other attempts to explain the world fail. These notes, filled with helpful illustrations, also show you how to share your faith with your family, friends and co-workers. The Evidence Bible Notes is a wonderful resource for the defense of the Bible and the spread of the Gospel.