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ESV Study Bible Available – Just a Few Days Left for Coupon Special

The Olive Tree version of the ESV Study Bible brings a wealth of resources to your mobile device. We’re excited to make this product available for the iPhone, BlackBerry with Storage Card, Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Professional & Classic), and Palm platforms.

A Great Value
Olive Tree is able to offer this incredible resource at $29.95, a significant discount over the suggested retail price of the hard copy. In addition, if you purchase your ESV Study Bible from the Olive Tree website by January 4, 2009, you can take advantage of our currently running coupon which will give you an additional 15% in savings (please note that this discount isn’t available to purchases made on the iTunes store or other Olive Tree outlets).

Navigating the Notes in the ESV Study Bible
If you’ve purchased the ESV Study Bible offered by Olive Tree, you can enjoy the rich, deep features of the ESV Study Bible notes by selecting ESVSB from the commentaries category of your BibleReader. You can then use the verse chooser to quickly navigate to the Study Bible notes for any location in the bible.

Table of Contents – Get’s You Where You Want to Go!
Some of the main features of this Bible, however, aren’t tied to specific verses in the text. So Olive Tree has provided quick access to the wealth of articles, maps, and charts with a new drill-down table of contents, a first for Olive Tree and featured in this product. Palm and Windows Mobile users can access these features by opening the verse chooser and unchecking the verse mode box at the bottom of the screen. IPhone users will find the table of contents button at the bottom of their verse chooser as well. Our BlackBerry with Storage Card users can access the table of contents directly from the main menu within the BibleReader when the ESVSB is onscreen.

We hope you enjoy this great product, and that it will enhance your study of God’s Word!

Thinking about… ESV Study Bible

OK, I admit it…I’m a total geek when it comes to study Bibles. I love them! The more features, the better. That’s why I’m so excited that Olive Tree will be releasing the ESV Study Bible from Crossway, due in December. I got to see a demonstration of the beta product on the iPhone and am very impressed!

There is an incredible wealth of information in this Bible. In addition to the ESV Bible there are over 20,000 text notes, 50 articles, 80,000 cross references, more than 200 charts, and a wealth of illustrations. The publishers say that it is the equivalent to a 20-volume research library, and I believe them! In addition to all the cross references and notes, the book introductions are thorough and cover every topic I need to bring me up to speed about the author, the text, the themes, the arrangement, the text’s significance, and the timeframe of its writing.  The thing that impressed me most in the BibleReader version of the ESV Study Bible was the ability to drill down through the table of contents. The very complexity of the book introductions is one of the features of this Bible, but translating that information to your mobile device means that those introductions can run to many, many screens of information. While all of that information is great, it may not be relevant to what you need at the moment. Now, instead of having to scroll through everything to get to, say, the illustrated timeline for a book, you can drill down through the table of contents and in just a few short clicks the BibleReader takes you straight there! Another feature of this Bible is the study notes located throughout the text. These have been made available in commentary format, which means they can be easily accessed from wherever you are in the Bible.

I’m told that the Olive Tree BibleReader ESV Study Bible will be available on the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic (Pocket PC) Platforms. Be sure to watch for it soon.  



Thinking about…The BibleReader Application

I have a lot of the Olive Tree products, but one thing that makes all these products work so well together is the BibleReader itself. The more I’ve used the BibleReader, the more I’ve discovered and began exploiting its robust features: text highlighting, searching (we’ve all had those “where is that verse again?” moments), making notes, and daily readings. As I discovered more and more of the built in features, I got so excited about it that I would get it for all my friends that had PDAs. I felt so strongly that they would find it worthwhile that I was willing to invest in the products for them.

I had used the daily reading feature of the Bible Reader off and on for years, but it wasn’t until the year I commuted daily from San Jose to San Francisco that I really appreciated its value. On my daily 60-minute train ride (which was followed by a 15 minute bus ride once I arrived in San Francisco) I had my Clie UX-50 in hand, reading the Word, and faithfully checking off the boxes in the daily reader as I went. I was transformed, held in intimate communication with my creator right there in the midst of the crowd. It transformed time that could have been wasted, and brought me closer to God. More recently, even though the I no longer commuted, it became an important part of my courtship. I and my fiancé (now my husband) read the daily reading each evening over the phone, he in Washington and me in California, he on his IPAQ and me on my LifeDrive. It was a great way to draw us closer together spiritually as we struggled with the hardships of a long-distance relationship. The daily readings served as a springboard for us to discuss all kinds of topics, including marriage and family.Another feature of the BibleReader that became important to me over time was the ability to make notes on my reading. When I put a note in, the Bible Reader would place an asterisk in the Bible text where the note was inserted. Now, when my Bible reading brings me to a certain verse, and I see that asterisk, I know that opening that note will bring me a piece of my own history. Have you ever read a journal that you wrote years before? It can be an odd experience to glimpse into the trials and triumphs of your younger self. I experience the same feeling when I open a Bible Reader note; it is kind of like reading an old journal. Only it is spiritual younger me that speaks back, not just a chronological younger me. I’m reminded of how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, and how the Lord has changed me. The great thing is that even though I change devices, I am able to take my notes with me!And there is still more. Windowing… Linking… Verse Syncing… Searching… Bookmarking… Olive Tree has provided some great information on how to use the BibleReader on your device. You can head to the learning center for both video tutorials and user manuals at this link: Learning Center 


Thinking about…iLumina

I have a beautiful, leather-bound Life Application Bible that I bought back in my younger, stronger days.  For a long time it went with me everywhere, but more recently its size and weight meant that it was abandoned in favor of lighter, easier to carry Bibles, and my later switch over to an electronic Bible meant that this very valuable resource began to collect dust as it set on the shelf. I had really appreciated the points the commentary made in my individual Bible study, and although valued as a resource it was just too much to carry around.

I had window shopped the iLumina product long before I finally decided to purchase it. My stylus just itched to click on that neat row of tabs along the bottom of the screen that I saw in the screenshot, but I had already purchased many of the resources that were available in the package.  As amazing as the original Bible Reader was with its split windows, those little tabs were the ultimate in window organization. I could bounce back and forth between a Bible and a commentary and retain a full size window. I could even add a second window to a tab! How much more organization and flexibility could I handle?

My fiancé, who was new to Olive Tree and didn’t have concerns about any duplicates, bought the iLumina right away because it was a great package for him to start with. It was he who told me what I didn’t know before…those wonderful Life Application Notes were right there in the iLumina edition, tucked neatly in one of those tabs I so admired! I knew then that I had to have it.  iLumina became the basis of my fiancé’s and my daily reading, which always included a selection of scripture plus the corresponding Life Notes. Thought provoking and illuminating, they were all that I remembered them to be from my earlier days.

Thinking about…NASB with Strong’s Concordance

Hi, I’m Genny, and I’m the newest employee here at Olive Tree. But long before I was an employee I was a customer and an enthusiast. I’ve been using PDAs for about ten years, and bought my first Olive Tree product over five years ago. I’m very excited about being part of Olive Tree, and I hope that I am able to help you have a great experience as an Olive Tree customer.

If you are reading this blog, you probably already have a PDA, Smartphone, or iPhone device, and have or are considering getting an Olive Tree product. My PDA became a serious and necessary appendage to my life, in large part because of the impact of Olive Tree products. Olive Tree put some life-changing tools for Christian living in the palm of my hand, and I’m going to share with you some of my experiences as a user. My hope is that my experiences might help you find products that can transform your life as well.

I can’t remember how I obtained my first version of the Bible Reader, but I can tell you that I bought my first resource from Olive Tree in 2003: the NASB with Strong’s Concordance. For many years my life has been enriched with a study of the Bible, and as a result I was very familiar with Strong’s. Unfortunately, it was a big blue book that sat on my shelf, its size and unwieldiness not encouraging me to take it anywhere. Once I installed it on my handheld (at the time a Sony Clié), it not only went to church and Bible study with me, but it also went to work, to the doctor’s office while I waited for an appointment, and anywhere else I had a few minutes to read. I was able to look up words on the fly while sitting in church or Sunday school. And the thing I liked best about it? Even though I can’t read a word of either Greek or Hebrew, the ability to look at the word in its original language, well, it just made me feel smart!

Having the NASB with Strong’s Concordance really gave me the ability to dig deep and have a better understanding of scripture. And it was so accessable to me as a lay person, I didn’t need a degree in theology to use it. All I had to do was put my stylus on the word I wanted to know about, and a window would open up right there on my screen giving me the word in its orginal language, its English equivalent, and a short definition. Of course, as my first Olive Tree product it will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you are able to find products here at Olive Tree that can help you grow spiritually as well.

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The blog is still a great way to keep up with what is happening at Olive Tree.  We will continue using the Olive Tree blog in the same way we have been using it.  Twitter will accompany the blog with the most up to date postings about what is going on at Olive Tree.
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