We are very excited to be attending and presenting at this year’s Bible Technology Conference in Seattle, WA on January 25th and 26th. Bible Tech 2008 is a conference that will explore the intersection of Bible and technology. If you are passionate about the Bible and technology or just want to meet some of the people working in this field we would encourage you to attend Bible Tech 2008. You can find out more information here.

Olive Tree will be giving two presentations at this years Bible Tech. The President and CEO of Olive Tree (Drew Haninger) will talking about “Electronic Publishing and Bible Software in a Fast-Moving Mobile Landscape.” The handheld mobile technology including PDA’s, Smartphones, and cell phones is in constant motion with the rapidly increasing number of platforms on the market. How does a publisher of Biblical content keep up? How do they decide which platforms are worth supporting now, and which ones it would be better to just wait and see how they mature? For mobile electronic publishers today there is a potential quagmire of platforms, operating systems, screen sizes, user interface paradigms, software delivery methods, and publisher permissions. Mr. Haninger will touch on some of the different methods of approaching this rapidly changing market. In addition, he will present a quick overview of many handheld technologies and platforms such as Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, etc.

I will also be presenting at this years Bible Tech. My talk is on “The Challenges and Future of Bible Software in a Mobile World”. Developing Bible Software for mobile devices is a challenging endeavor. Much of the development time is spent on the logistics of developing for mobile devices. I will discuss many of these challenges and offer some insight for how to address some of these challenges. Mobile technology is moving forward at a frenzied pace. What does the future have in store for Bible software in the mobile world? Will these same challenges be around in five or ten years?

We are excited to meet and talk with others in the area of Bible and technology. We hope to see you there. If you come to Bible Tech 2008 please come and find myself or Drew. We would love to talk with you about mobile Bible software.