As a new member of the Olive Tree Bible Software team, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you several of the reasons I love Olive Tree. First, it might be helpful to know a little of my background with Olive Tree. I found Olive Tree’s Bible Reader as a seminary student in the late 90′s. The idea of having a library in my pocket instantly struck me as a shift in category from prior ways of thinking.

Prior to this I had sort of snubbed the idea of using my handheld (at that time a Visor Neo with a monochrome screen) for serious reading. It seemed that the small screen would make reading an impossibility. The slew of book readers I had seen and tried had generally failed to prove their value to me. Then came BibleReader.

I was instantly intrigued with putting God’s Word on my PDA and having access to Scripture on a device that I was already carrying with me everywhere. So, I bought the NLT and intended mainly to use it as a way to find those references no one ever remembers. I also looked forward to using the program for devotional use.

It was not long before I found myself using BibleReader much more than I had expected. As the feature-set developed and things like Auto-scrolling became available, I found my PDA coming out more and more. Then as original language resources became available (and the BHS is now astounding with the Unicode font) my peers were astounded when we could find out proper grammatical information on a text or word with my Palm device.

Several devices later, one of the only programs that has made the journey from my first PDA is BibleReader. I have used it for everything from the public reading of Scripture (large fonts & auto-scroll) to sermon preparation (the original language resources & commentary selection is outstanding & growing) to personal devotion (creating your own Bible reading schedule through the Desktop Assistant or one of the existing ones – including user generated) to reading books that I would never be able to take on the go (Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology). All of this with resources stored locally on my device, I don’t even have to have an internet connection! As long as my batteries work, BibleReader is there for me.

Now I am excited to be a part of the Tech Support & Document Formatting process at Olive Tree. I’m thrilled at our growing community of users who are sharing their support knowledge through our Support Forums. I’ll be looking for you in the forums soon!

With more & more mobile platforms and devices to put Olive Tree’s Bible Reader on, there is plenty of work ahead. And, the future looks great!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Matt Hudson works for Olive Tree Bible Software in Tech Support & Document formatting. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife and four children (with one on the way). He holds an M.Div. from Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, AL and is actively involved in his local church in Houston.