When you immerse yourself in an inspiring eBook and the bus ride home goes by in a flash, or when finding a Bible verse is as easy as reaching into your pocket or purse—that’s the purest experience of the value of Olive Tree software. The words of the Bible, or any number of other Christian resources, are right there in the palm of your hand for reading and studying.

Most of us don’t need in-depth knowledge of the technology that makes all this possible—as long as we can make our PDA work, we’re fine. But for Olive Tree software engineers, this complex technological and programming aspect is what they spend most of their days thinking about.

Underneath the words you see on the screen is the hardworking BibleReader, telling your handheld device how to deliver the text to you in a readable format. But every mobile device is different, and that’s why BibleReader is a multi-platform application—it works with many different kinds of devices. Currently, Olive Tree has 14 builds of BibleReader on 5 platforms (4 for the Palm OS, 2 for Windows Mobile, 6 for Symbian, 1 for BlackBerry, and 1 for J2ME).

That’s a lot of different versions, and the market for mobile devices is changing and expanding all the time. You’ve probably heard of the iPhone, the newest device to make a splash in the mobile market. As you may also know, Apple recently released the beta version of the Software Developer’s Kit for iPhone.

Have you seen Olive Tree’s iPhone Bible survey? In a world where there are so many mobile devices and platforms to choose from, advice from our customers really makes a difference in where Olive Tree decides to go. And if you complete this survey, you’ll also get a coupon for 20% off your next Olive Tree purchases. We value your input!

We know as well as you do how exciting it can be to upgrade to the next sleek new mobile device, and our software engineers work hard to stay ahead of the game in a world where technology is always changing. All this means you can keep reading the timeless words of the Bible, and enjoying the inspirational and educational writings of other Christian authors, no matter what cutting-edge technology is in your hand—or how it changes over time.

The oldest words and the newest technologies . . . it’s a strange and wonderful combination, isn’t it?

~Sarah P.

Sarah Peterson works for Olive Tree Bible Software as a Project Manager and Administrative Assistant. She has an M.Div. from Earlham School of Religion, of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Richmond, Indiana and serves as a youth minister at her home meeting in Spokane, Washington.