Olive Tree has been hard at work on a new version of our BibleReader, now available as a beta release for BlackBerry with storage card. This version, 4.0, uses a new architecture that will provide the same features across all our supported platforms. That means that instead of having lots of features available on the Palm and fewer on the BlackBerry, the different platforms will be more consistent. That’s good news for BlackBerry users. As developers, we will be able to spend more time developing cool features instead of dealing with boring platform-specific differences.

Our alpha testers have been enthusiastic about the features in this new version. The verse chooser (pictured below) makes it quick and easy to get to a new verse–much faster than the old scrolling list of books. Our new library display lets you view the contents of your library at a glance. The font and color options let you customize the look of the text for easier reading. The history feature allows you to backtrack through the verses you have been reading. Storing Bibles on the storage card frees up memory on the device.

In order to use this new beta release, you must have a BlackBerry with storage card. Go to our BlackBerry beta page to download the reader directly to your device.

Coming soon will be table of contents for eBooks, publisher’s notes, faster searching, and lots, lots more.

At Olive Tree we are excited about this new release, and we think you will be, too.

~Kathy S.

Kathy Stevens works for Olive Tree Bible Software as a software engineer. She lives in Beaverton, Oregon with her husband and two children.