Are you a blogger?  Would you like free and/or early release products from Olive Tree?  We are looking for bloggers who would like to write about the BibleReader.  We will give you free and early release products in exchange for you writting about them.  You can say what ever you want about the products, good or bad.  We only ask that you write at least 200 words.

Right now we are looking for bloggers to write about our new BlackBerry BibleReader beta and our new iPhone beta.  If you are a windows mobile, Palm, or Symbian user you time will come (patience is a virture) :)

If you are interested please email with a link to your blog and the device you have.  If you are a BlackBerry user can you let me know what product(s) you would like to write about.  If you are an iPhone user we have just one beta with a lot of Bibles and books in it.