Sometimes a product is popular because of the hype (see the Apple iPhone). Sometimes a product appears to be popular because of its features (see the Palm Treo and several Windows Mobile phones). But to really know if something is popular, you need to see the numbers in use. And the numbers might be a surprise.

Check out this brief article by Palm Addicts. According to the numbers, Nokia phones way outsell all other phones combined and Blackberry has seen huge growth in the number of units sold. Many Nokia phones run the Symbian operating system (OS) and BlackBerry phones obviously run the BlackBerry OS – both of which Olive Tree supports.  The versions we have right now on both those platforms are very limited in what they can do. But that is going to change.  Olive Tree is working on BibleReader 4, which is a new build from the ground up and which will provide more features for all platforms we support.  Early in Olive Tree’s history, Palm and Windows Mobile were the platforms we worked hardest on.  But if we want the Bible to be in more hands, we need to target the platforms with more people using them. That is why our first beta of BibleReader 4 is out for BlackBerry.

We also know there has been a lot of buzz around the iPhone and its newly-available third party applications – so we have targeted this platform too – check out what we have so far at Olive Tree’s iPhone webpage.

But we haven’t forgot our roots.  BibleReader 4 will be available for all major mobile platforms.  This will take time.  We feel a little like David coming up to Goliath – we are a small company bringing a product to a Goliath of a market!  So be patient with us.  We believe we have the best Bible product for mobile devices out on the market!

 ~Mike B.