I have a beautiful, leather-bound Life Application Bible that I bought back in my younger, stronger days.  For a long time it went with me everywhere, but more recently its size and weight meant that it was abandoned in favor of lighter, easier to carry Bibles, and my later switch over to an electronic Bible meant that this very valuable resource began to collect dust as it set on the shelf. I had really appreciated the points the commentary made in my individual Bible study, and although valued as a resource it was just too much to carry around.

I had window shopped the iLumina product long before I finally decided to purchase it. My stylus just itched to click on that neat row of tabs along the bottom of the screen that I saw in the screenshot, but I had already purchased many of the resources that were available in the package.  As amazing as the original Bible Reader was with its split windows, those little tabs were the ultimate in window organization. I could bounce back and forth between a Bible and a commentary and retain a full size window. I could even add a second window to a tab! How much more organization and flexibility could I handle?

My fiancé, who was new to Olive Tree and didn’t have concerns about any duplicates, bought the iLumina right away because it was a great package for him to start with. It was he who told me what I didn’t know before…those wonderful Life Application Notes were right there in the iLumina edition, tucked neatly in one of those tabs I so admired! I knew then that I had to have it.  iLumina became the basis of my fiancé’s and my daily reading, which always included a selection of scripture plus the corresponding Life Notes. Thought provoking and illuminating, they were all that I remembered them to be from my earlier days.