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So you got a new phone for Christmas . . .

. . . and you’re looking for the best smartphone apps to add to it.  If carrying one—or several—of your favorite Bible translations, along a wide variety of Bible study tools, on your phone sounds good, we encourage you to explore BibleReader.

BibleReader offers powerful features that make Bible reading and study easy. Intuitive verse look-up with Verse Chooser, notes and bookmarks to record your personal thoughts, versified commentaries that open to the right verse every time—features like these transform your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device into a portable study library. Learn more about BibleReader’s features.

BibleReader isn’t just another eBook reader. It offers Bible-centric navigation and features, because the way you read the Bible isn’t the same way you read a John Grisham novel. Olive Tree engineers specialize in bringing the Bible to smartphones, so BibleReader is tailored to all the ways that eBibleReading is different than eBook reading.

BibleReader works on most mobile platforms. You have an iPhone this year, but what about next year? You had a BlackBerry in 2009, but you just got a Motorola Droid for Christmas. Because the world of smartphones changes so quickly, it’s hard to invest in a resource that might only work on this year’s phone. But BibleReader operates on most major mobile platforms and we’ve got 98% of the world’s phones covered. When you switch to a new device, your Olive Tree library comes with you. You can download copies for whatever device you currently own.

Get to know BibleReader. Watch a demo of BibleReader’s features on Olive Tree’s YouTube Channel. Or, if you’re just starting out with a new phone, try a collection like this that let you sample Bible translations, commentaries, devotionals, and cross references—a little bit of everything that Olive Tree has to offer:

Concise Study Collection 1

including 4 Bible translations (NIV, NLT, KJV, and Amplified), Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening daily devotional, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, and Nave’s Topical Bible Index.

Happy reading!

Olive Tree is the first Bible App on Ovi, the Nokia App Store

We’re one of only a few Bible software companies that develop exclusively for mobile, but we didn’t expect to be literally the first Bible App available on Ovi, the Nokia App Store.  You can see it here:  BibleReader 4 at  Two readers are available today:  BibleReader (Free) and BibleReader KJV Strong’s ($14.99).

BibleReader runs on a wide variety of Nokia devices.  Many of the latest Nokia devices run the Symbian 60-5 operating system, which supports BibleReader 4, our latest and greatest version of BibleReader.  But BibleReader runs on many other Symbian operating systems as well.  If you have a Nokia phone, check your phone’s operating system to find out what Olive Tree resources might be available for it.

Symbian, the operating system used by many Nokia phones, covers a substantial section of the world market.  Look at the graph below to see why we’re excited to have another way to reach Symbian users.

BibleReader is available on most smartphones worldwide.

BibleReader: available on 98% of smartphones worldwide.

Edited to add: Check out this review of BibleReader 4 on Ovi, from Nokia Experts. One small correction is that BibleReader 4 on Ovi does not include in-application installation of titles at this time. We plan to add that feature to our future submissions to Ovi.

Watch Olive Tree on YouTube, learn BibleReader’s newest features

We’d like to welcome you to Olive Tree’s YouTube Channel, the home for BibleReader demo videos.

Have you ever wished someone could sit down and walk you through how to use BibleReader’s more advanced features, like morphological searches?  Our demo videos are designed to do just that.  These demonstrations are created by our engineers and book formatters—the people who know BibleReader best—and they contain explanations and walk-throughs of BibleReader’s features, from basic to advanced.  There are already 14 demo videos posted, and more will be added periodically.

You’ll find demos on advanced topics . . .

. . . and learn how to adjust the little things to make your bible-reading experience just right.

You can watch general demos for a BibleReader overview . . .

. . . and new users can get started with the basics.

We recently introduced Olive Tree University on BibleReader for iPhone, a collection of tips and information to help familiarize users with BibleReader’s newest features.  Many of the same demonstration videos are available through Olive Tree University, directly on your iPhone.

Visit us on YouTube at, and learn more!

Prize Winners from ETS and SBL

If you met the Olive Tree crew at the ETS or SBL meetings, you saw that signing up for the Olive Tree Newsletter at those meetings gave you a chance to win a free iPod Touch, preloaded with Olive Tree resources.  Well, the winners have now been chosen.

Congratulations to our winners!

  • From the ETS drawing:   Doug Powell of Tennessee
  • From the SBL drawing:   Kathy Barett Dawson of North Carolina

We hope each of you enjoy your iPod Touch, and the Olive Tree resources we provide with it.

And we video-recorded both drawings using an iPhone, in case you were wondering how we spend our time at the office.


Drew and Sarah draw the ETS winner


Drew and Stephen J draw the SBL winner

Blog Comments

We have enabled comments on the Olive Tree blog! We are going to enable comments for a trial period on our blog. We currently interact with users through technical support, the forums, and twitter. If the spam load gets too high or we are not able to provide adequate responses we will have to turn off comments.


Bible Software Shootout Presentation

Olive Tree was proud to perform in SBL’s Bible Software Shootout, a friendly competition that pitted Bible software contenders like Logos, Bible Works, Accordance, and SESB against each other, showcasing each software’s ability to perform detailed original language research.

To see Olive Tree’s presentation from SBL’s Bible Software Shootout, click here to read the presentation (.pdf), especially if you use BibleReader’s Greek and Hebrew tools.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by the Olive Tree booth at ETS and SBL.  Engineers Stephen J (@stephenljohnson) and David T (@dtrotzjr) and original language specialists Drayton B and Steven C (@steventcummings) enjoyed meeting you!  Meeting our users makes a big difference for us.  You can read David T’s blog post about his ETS experience to learn why.

Thanks also to those of you who signed up for the Olive Tree Newsletter and entered the ETS/SBL prize drawings.  We’ll announce the winners of our drawing for a free iPod Touch, preloaded with Olive Tree resources, soon!

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