As we’re fond of mentioning in the Olive Tree newsletter, we post new items to the BibleReader 4.0 library almost every week.

We’ve now got over 180 titles for you to choose from when you browse the titles available for iPhone, ranging from commentaries and cross-references to eBooks and daily devotionals, and, of course, Bibles.  Many different translations are available, including Bibles in different languages–like Spanish, French, and German, and even Albanian and Norwegian.  We know that Olive Tree users speak many, many different languages and live all over the world.  We hope you can find something in the Olive Tree library that suits your Bible-reading needs!
Two of our most exciting new titles are Bibles in Greek and Hebrew—perfect for original language scholars and anyone else who wants to read the Bible in the first languages it was written in.  Check out BHS/HMT (Hebrew Old Testament) and GNT NA27 (Greek New Testament) for iPhone to see what we mean.  Below are screenshots from each:

Hebrew on iPhone Greek on iPhone

**For BlackBerry users—don’t lose heart!  While these two original language titles are not yet available on BlackBerry, we are working hard to resolve font issues and hope to make them available later this year.