We are so excited about the level of enthusiasm and interested in Olive Tree’s iPhone BibleReader!  We gets lots of excited users asking us when will feature XYZ be in the iPhone BibleReader.  I want to explain a little about how our engineering process works and then give you a chance to help us decide what features to include.

Most engineering teams follow an established work process that was established for a 6-36 month time period with milestone deliverables throughout that process.  Most of the time the schedulers underestimated the amount of time the project would take and so the engineering team is almost always behind schedule.  (As a side note I usually way underestimate the amount of time something would take.  Most projects look “easy” until I am faced with the reality of making something that barely works into production level quality.)

At Olive Tree we take a different approach to scheduling.  We know what we are currently working on, we know what we will work on next, and we have a list of things to work on after that.  The list is only partially prioritized.  When it is time to pick the next item to work on we look a number of factors like what people have been requesting, what we feel is important, what we need to publish certain books, etc to decide what to do next.  This allows us to be flexible and quickly change our engineering to meet demands, market shifts, and capture opportunities with vendors or publishers.

This does mean that it will difficult for us to say when we will have feature XYZ done since we don’t actually know ourselves.  We do know if that feature appears higher on the to do list that means it will get done sooner, but we haven’t actually scheduled that feature for engineering yet.

We had one of these meetings today for picking the next features.  There are so many important features to work on we wanted to get more of your feedback to help us decide.  We created a survey you can fill out to help us decide what you would like to see us work on next.

Click here to fill out the survey.

Thank you for your support, help, and enthusiasm!
Stephen Johnson
Senior Software Engineer