Olive Tree’s Spokane employees were pleased to find our company profiled in our local paper, The Spokesman Review, today.

You can read the online version of the article here: Spokane digital Bible publisher aims to stay in lead

It gives a great history of our company and a good description of what we do, including our cross-platform development strategies for the mobile marketplace and our partnership with print publishers who supply the content for our digital Bible and book downloads.

We were also happy to see Dr. Keith Reeves, professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University, describe us as “the dominant animal in the mobile device platform for Bible texts.”  We’re glad to know that users—particularly Bible students—are finding our software useful.

One clarification we want to offer is the number of Olive Tree downloads for iPhone.  The article says, “To date the company has seen more than 400,000 downloads of its products from Apple’s iTunes”—but that’s not precisely accurate.  The 400,000+ downloads also includes users who have downloaded books or Bibles (mostly free resources) from OliveTree.com, not just iTunes.

The article also includes some great photos:  one of our CEO Drew Haninger (@DrewHaninger) in his office, complete with white board in the background (don’t laugh—our company runs on white board lists and diagrams!) and one of a demo product on Drew’s iPhone.