OliveTree.com is moving to a new server.   We’re making this change so we can offer better, faster service to the many users who visit our website. It will increase how fast you can browse and search, how quickly you can complete purchases, and how quickly product downloads to your device or desktop will finish.  Our new server will be nine times as fast as our old one!  Overall, we think it will be a big improvement.

For us, it’s been a substantial project.  Many people in our company have been hard at work to help this happen, especially in the last several weeks.  But for you, our users, we hope the only thing you’ll notice is better service on OliveTree.com.

In practical terms, here what the new server means for you:

  • The store should look the same and function the same—just faster, even during times of high traffic.
  • Your Olive Tree Account information will stay the same.  You’ll still be able to log in and download your purchases, just like before.

It may also mean:

  • you may see a webpage that directs you to our new location if you visit OliveTree.com early in our move.  If you click the link on that page, you’ll arrive at our new server!  But many users will be redirected automatically, and may never see the message at all.
  • some unanticipated technical difficulties.  Even though we’ve worked hard to make this transition as smooth as possible, we may still encounter bugs along the way.  If you see problems with our site, or encounter something that doesn’t appear to be functioning correctly, please be sure to report it to Customer Support.  You can also click the “Support” link in the upper right of any OliveTree.com page.  Your feedback will help us improve the website for everyone.

Thanks for your patience during this transition, and we hope you like the faster store!