We are adding In-Application purchases to iPhone BibleReader. This will let you purchase books directly from within BibleReader using your iTunes account. In-Application Purchases will make the process of purchasing books much easier. Apple requires that all applications with In-Application Purchase be for sale. To meet this requirement we are going to start changing $.99 for BibleReader. We have submitted a new app called BibleReader Free that has all of the features of BibleReader without In-Application Purchases and will remain free. We choose to make BibleReader $.99 instead of adding a new app for this since this will give everyone who has already downloaded BibleReader the update for free.

Currently Amplified Bible for BibleReader has the In-Application Purchase. The rest of the iPhone BibleReader apps will have this functionality with version 4.09. The In-Application Purchasing requires each book to be approved by Apple for each reader. Most of the books are still in the Apple review process.




Edited to Add:  Since this post, Apple has changed some of their requirements, and no longer requires apps with in-app purchasing to be for sale. At this time, BibleReader and BibleReader – Free both allow in-app purchasing. BibleReader – Free comes with the ASV and KJV Bibles. BibleReader comes with the ASV and KJV Bibles, plus Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible and the Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary. Features and functionality for BibleReader and BibleReader – Free are the same, unless their version numbers are different. (Different version numbers occur when Olive Tree has submitted a software update that has been approved for one app but not the other. Usually, the second app is simply waiting for update approval and will be updated shortly to the newest software version.)  Updated 8/30/2010.