Are you planning to attend one or both of these meetings?  If so, come visit Olive Tree at our display booth:

ETS – Evangelical Theological Society, New Orleans, November 18-20
        Olive Tree Booth # 100

SBL – Society of Biblical Literature, New Orleans, November 21-24
        Olive Tree Booth # 808

We’ll be happy to give you a demo of our latest BibleReader release on iPhone, which implements new features especially for original languages.  We’ve also released an entire bookshelf’s worth of original language texts, tools, and resources for iPhone, including

Engineers Stephen J (@stephenljohnson) and David T (@dtrotzjr) and original language specialists Drayton B and Steven C (@steventcummings) will be happy to show you around these new resources.

And if you’re interested in seeing the best of BibleReader software for Greek and Hebrew study, be sure to watch Olive Tree in SBL’s Bible Software Shootout.  Side-by-side with Bible software peers like Logos, Bible Works, Accordance, and SESB, Olive Tree will demonstrate how our software answers real-world research questions, like:

I want to study a part of speech, e.g., demonstrative pronouns or interjections. How do I get all of the lemmas for that part of speech, get all the occurrences of those lemmas, and the results organized in such a way that I could write an article/monograph on that part of speech from the data?

If questions like these spark your interest—because of your academic work or your personal study—watch Olive Tree perform at the Shootout, and see how Olive Tree’s latest tools can help you in your own Greek and Hebrew study:

Bible Software Shootout
Saturday, November 21
4:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Rhythms Ballroom 3-SH, at SBL

We’ll also post this presentation on our website later, so everyone can take advantage of the information presented by Drayton and Stephen J.