New in BibleReader 4 for iPhone, we’ve released a library of instructional videos to teach you about BibleReader’s features.  Learning your way around BibleReader has never been easier!

From the main reading screen, touch Menu (bottom right), then touch Olive Tree University in the pop-up menu.  You’ll see a list of instructional features that begins with “What’s New in This Version”.  It opens a short instructional video that demonstrates all the new additions to the latest BibleReader release for iPhone.

Watch this video to learn about

  • new original languages support, including parsing, glosses, and lexical information for Greek and Hebrew texts.  Take advantage of our highly advanced search function and learn how to search by morphological code.
  • online backup for notes. By syncing notes with your EverNote account, you can keep a backup of notes in your Bible and access it on your device or on your desktop.
  • new display and navigation customization to make pop-up reference windows even more useful.

Olive Tree University is new in version 4.10 of BibleReader for iPhone. Version 4.10 has been submitted to Apple, and Apple has approved the upgrade for some BibleReader Apps, but others are still in the approval process.  If you haven’t yet been notified that an upgrade is available for your BibleReader App, be patient—you will soon!