We’d like to welcome you to Olive Tree’s YouTube Channel, the home for BibleReader demo videos.

Have you ever wished someone could sit down and walk you through how to use BibleReader’s more advanced features, like morphological searches?  Our demo videos are designed to do just that.  These demonstrations are created by our engineers and book formatters—the people who know BibleReader best—and they contain explanations and walk-throughs of BibleReader’s features, from basic to advanced.  There are already 14 demo videos posted, and more will be added periodically.

You’ll find demos on advanced topics . . .

. . . and learn how to adjust the little things to make your bible-reading experience just right.

You can watch general demos for a BibleReader overview . . .

. . . and new users can get started with the basics.

We recently introduced Olive Tree University on BibleReader for iPhone, a collection of tips and information to help familiarize users with BibleReader’s newest features.  Many of the same demonstration videos are available through Olive Tree University, directly on your iPhone.

Visit us on YouTube at www.youtube.com/OliveTreeBible, and learn more!