We’re one of only a few Bible software companies that develop exclusively for mobile, but we didn’t expect to be literally the first Bible App available on Ovi, the Nokia App Store.  You can see it here:  BibleReader 4 at Ovi.com.  Two readers are available today:  BibleReader (Free) and BibleReader KJV Strong’s ($14.99).

BibleReader runs on a wide variety of Nokia devices.  Many of the latest Nokia devices run the Symbian 60-5 operating system, which supports BibleReader 4, our latest and greatest version of BibleReader.  But BibleReader runs on many other Symbian operating systems as well.  If you have a Nokia phone, check your phone’s operating system to find out what Olive Tree resources might be available for it.

Symbian, the operating system used by many Nokia phones, covers a substantial section of the world market.  Look at the graph below to see why we’re excited to have another way to reach Symbian users.

BibleReader is available on most smartphones worldwide.

BibleReader: available on 98% of smartphones worldwide.

Edited to add: Check out this review of BibleReader 4 on Ovi, from Nokia Experts. One small correction is that BibleReader 4 on Ovi does not include in-application installation of titles at this time. We plan to add that feature to our future submissions to Ovi.