Along with technology blogs and Twitter feeds everywhere, Olive Tree’s office has been buzzing with excitement since Wednesday’s announcement of the new Apple iPad. The iPad is the latest device in the iPhone OS family, a tablet with iPhone’s familiar multi-touch interface, a larger screen, and massive possibilities for expanding what Bible study looks like for mobile devices.

iPad is built on the iPhone OS (operating system), which means that iPhone BibleReader runs on iPad today. Here at Olive Tree, we downloaded the iPad emulator on Wednesday afternoon and got our first glimpse of BibleReader on the iPad’s new larger screen. BibleReader is one of the many apps that will transfer directly to iPad when it ships in March, so you can expect to see BibleReader for iPad available from day one.

But, of course, we’re looking to do more. We’re committed to bringing the best Bible Study experience to iPhone OS, which now includes the iPad. And iPad’s new features give us the room to dream big.

Olive Tree has always specialized in mobile technology, and we’re excited about the iPad because it signals the direction all mobile technology is headed—becoming powerful, flexible, and useful enough to fit more than one category, transcending the current boundaries between mobile computing devices and other computers.

And that’s where BibleReader is headed too. We plan to make the BibleReader experience far more than just reading a book. And we’re glad the new Apple iPad will give us the opportunity to create a deeper experience of the Bible.