BlackBerry users, Greek and Hebrew fonts for BlackBerry BibleReader are finally here!  Now, you’ll find Olive Tree’s entire Greek and Hebrew library available to you.

To activate Greek and Hebrew on your BlackBerry, follow these steps:

  1. Download the newest version of BibleReader for BlackBerry by pointing your mobile browser to
  2. Find your previously purchased compatible Greek and Hebrew resources in your Personal Library. You’ll see them listed in as available to download!
  3. You can also browse the library of Greek and Hebrew resources at

Olive Tree offers a variety of Greek and Hebrew resources, ranging from commentaries that reference original Greek and Hebrew words or phrases in their biblical exegesis all the way to the latest academic translations of ancient Greek and Hebrew Bible texts, complete with parsing and morphology information, and hyperlinked lexica.

You’ll have access to resources like these:

BHS Parsed Text on BlackBerryBHS Morphology Information on BlackBerryBDB Lexical Information on BlackBerry

There are 3 ways to get Greek and Hebrew fonts for BibleReader on your BlackBerry device. If you open a resource that needs fonts your device doesn’t have, you’ll see a message that tells you to download the fonts from You only need to install the fonts once.

  • Included with Greek & Hebrew resources. Our most popular Greek and Hebrew resources come with Greek and Hebrew fonts included. When you download the Bible to your BlackBerry, the necessary fonts will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Download over the air. If you get a message that additional fonts are needed for a resource containing Greek and Hebrew, you can download the font pack for free, over the air. From inside the BibleReader program, select Library and then Browse Online Bookstore. In the Online Bookstore, browse the free books and find BlackBerry Fonts – Greek and Hebrew. Click on the Download for Free link and OK when asked to download and install the files. Close and reopen any Greek or Hebrew book you were reading.
  • Manual installation. If you prefer to install files manually, visit on your desktop browser and find the BlackBerry Fonts – Greek and Hebrew font pack. Download the files to your computer. When you move the files to your BlackBerry device, put them in the /olivetree directory on your media card—the same place your Bible and book files (.pdb files) go.