Greetings from the desk of Olive Tree’s newest member! My name is Danny Scott and I’ll be managing the many community channels of Olive Tree, such as this blog, Twitter and Olive Tree’s Facebook page.  Though it’s been several years since college, I still find in myself an ever-present student which makes working here very exciting.  I think that being a student of the Word with access to Olive Tree’s resources will be a great combination.

The recent videos by Dr. Bill Mounce on the usefulness of Study Bibles and Concordances gave me an interesting idea.  If a study bible and concordance are the two items every student of the Word should have in their library, does BibleReader allow them to be used at the same time?  I decided to try it out.  Using the iPhone split screen, I can essentially have three products open simultaneously. Looking at Hebrews 1 using the ESV with Strong’s and the ESV Study Bible Notes I decided to see what both Strong’s and the study bible notes said on the word “glory” in the phrase “He is the radiance of the glory of God.” Strong’s gives me the original meaning for the word “glory” and the study notes takes the context of the passage into account, while also cross-referencing “glory” with other passages in Scripture. As you can see in this screenshot, the Bible, Strong’s, and the study notes can all be open at the same time!

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