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Finding BibleReader on iTunes

BibleReader for iPad has been available for weeks now, and we’ve received very positive comments from Olive Tree users who’ve tried it on their iPads. 400+ resources are available now for iPad, including commentaries, full-color maps, study Bibles with notes and more, along with the favorite Bible translations you’ve come to expect from Olive Tree.

Now there’s just the matter of helping people find it on iTunes.

Look closely. Can you spot Olive Tree BibleReader in the search results when searching for “Bible” on the iPad iTunes store?

Search Results for

BibleReader on iPad Sneak Peek

Unfortunatly, BibleReader for iPad was not available for the launch of the iPad. While we wait for it to become available, here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what is coming.

Here is a video showing BibleReader on iPad (Sorry for the bad audio).

BibleReader on iPad is almost here!

We are hoping BibleReader will be available on iTunes for the launch of the iPad tomorrow. (If it’s not on the iPad store tomorrow, expect to see it very soon!) We hope you enjoy using this newly-designed application as much as we enjoyed creating it. You’ll find a new design and interface that takes advantage of the unique features of the iPad, like its large, beautiful display. We’ve never seen the Bible look better on a mobile device!

How do I get BibleReader on iPad?

Find us on iTunes! iTunes 9 includes the ability to view and browse apps for iPad. Look for BibleReader – Bible Study for iPad, a free app.

How do I get my books on iPad?

BibleReader on iPad allows you to access the contents of your Olive Tree Personal Library, so books you’ve already purchased that are in your Olive Tree Personal Library can be downloaded for reading on your iPad. Open “My Account” in BibleReader and enter your username and password from to access the contents of your Personal Library.

If your Bibles or books came bundled with a BibleReader app (like the NIV Bible in NIV Bible for BibleReader), you need to sync them to your Olive Tree account at Watch this video from Olive Tree University to learn how to easily sync books to your Olive Tree account. Once all your books are synced to your Olive Tree account, you’ll be able to download them into your iPad BibleReader app.

I did the sync, but all my titles still aren’t visible.

We are working hard to make every Olive Tree title available on iPad, but there are a small number of titles in the Olive Tree Library still not available because of publisher permission issues. If there are some titles in your Personal Library at that you do not see listed on your iPad, it may be because we have not been able to secure permission to distribute those titles on iPad. We’re still working to expand our permissions with publishers, and we hope we can resolve these exceptions as soon as possible.

Spectacular User Feeback on iPhone BibleReader 4.11!

We’ve been swamped with positive comments on the new features like highlighting, reading plans, and a redesigned Verse Chooser introduced in iPhone BibleReader 4.11. Here are just some of the responses we’ve received:

From Twitter:

    @chrsfrwll: New reading plans introduced by @olivetreebible in “minor” update to 4.11 are awesome. Looks & works brilliantly.

    @Rob_Iversen: @OliveTreeBible Okay, I was a skeptic of the highlighting feature & verse chooser. Not any more. It works & it works quite well. Nice job!

    @grdickens: RT @OliveTreeBible: Blog post on new features in iPhone BibleReader 4.11 Love the updates. WOW. Highlight is amazing. Thank You.

    @sputnik54: @OliveTreeBible Love the new look & features in 4.11. Been waiting for highlighting.

    @TomBuck: If I could only have ONE app on my iPhone it would be @OliveTreeBible reader 4.11 It is the best Bible app bar none. Get it TODAY!

    @kapurcell: New version of @OliveTreeBible reader. 4.10 to 4.11. Amazing new features for a .01 update. I’d have called it 4.5 with what’s new.

    @davebryant: @OliveTreeBible love the update. The highlight feature is my favorite! Great job!

    @DJJenkins: @OliveTreeBible Holy cow, you guys did an amazing job on 4.11! Love the new features and highlights and look. Well done

    @Jamesmcadams82: @OliveTreeBible Got 4.11 – Looks great! Thanks for all your work. Highlighting is handy. I’m gonna go play!

    @erodviorato: @OliveTreeBible thanks guys 4.11 is awesome, every new feature is great, OT is the best!!

    @cameronsmith99 New BibleReader 4.11 is out for iPhone. Highlight/underline feature is awesome!

From fans of Olive Tree on Facebook:

    . . . I am so impressed with the update. I don’t think things can get better but who knows? You guys are so innovative. May God bless.


    . . . Wow, I just got your recent update (v.411), and it’s great! Just when I think this bible reader can’t get any better, you guys/gals come up with something wonderful to make it even more useful! May GOD continue to bless each and everyone of you in all that you do; in bringing his WORD to the masses with this platform.

    Amen! I also just updated to 4.11, and it looks great! Kudos for working so faithfully to bring the iPhone/iPod App up to meet/exceed the functionality of the Palm OS version. When my Palm died, I was worried that I would lose some usability. Not so!

    Yes I’ve been waiting for this update. It’s like a whole new Olive Tree. Thank you for all your hard work at making the Bible more accessible and more fun to use!

You can also write a review of BibleReader on iTunes. Here’s one for 4.11:

BibleReader Review on iTunes

Thank you so much for the encouraging response! And remember, you can always share your feedback and suggestions with us on Twitter, Facebook, or the Olive Tree Forums.

Holy Scrollers! – Olive Tree and Bible Software in the News

Olive Tree was interviewed recently by a reporter from The Boston Phoenix for an article on eBooks and the future of ePublishing. The article is out now!

You can read the whole article here: “Holy Scrollers: The future of e-publishing can be found in one of the world’s oldest books.”

Highlights include:

  • excellent analysis of why Bible software designers are leading the way in ePublishing design and dynamic eBooks
  • quotes from Drew Haninger, the president of Olive Tree, about why the Bible is fertile ground for eBook innovation
  • Olive Tree called “the Microsoft of eBibles!” (We think it’s because we’re located in Washington State.)
  • picture of Charlton-Heston-as-Moses holding a Kindle and an iPad.

Overall, it’s an interesting read on how Bible software design and innovation is attracting the attention of the secular world of technology, publishing, and eBooks.

New Look, New Features on BibleReader 4.11 — Coming Soon to iPhone!

BibleReader 4.11 for iPhone will be released soon on iTunes. In it, you’ll find new and highly-requested features, along with a new look for many of BibleReader’s regular functions. Here’s what’s included in BibleReader 4.11 for iPhone:

Verse Chooser in iPhone BibleReader

Redesigned verse choose and menus. Enjoy the colorful new look and textures of the new menu and verse chooser!

Highlight Verse in iPhone BibleReader

Verse highlighting with custom highlighter. You pick the color and style of highlighting. Touch a verse number and pick Highlight Verse from the menu. You’ll see a list of color choices to pick from. Want to add a new highlighter? Touch "More" on the highlighter menu and "Add Highlighter." You can pick a new color from the palette and adjust the style, choosing light or dark, thick or thin. You can create custom underlining and even overlap highlighting styles.

Highlight Verse in iPhone BibleReader

Daily Reading. With our new daily reading feature, you can choose and name a reading plan, or read from multiple plans at once. The first time you visit Reading Plans from the Main Menu, you’ll get to choose a plan. Every day has assigned readings that you can check off when you’re finished. The "Continue Reading" button takes you automatically to the next assigned reading in your plan, and the progress bar tracks how much you’ve read. Use Daily Reading plans to organize your scripture reading!

Highlight Verse in iPhone BibleReader

Chinese. BibleReader 4.11 includes support for Chinese fonts. Olive Tree currently offers one Bible in traditional characters, but as our catalog of Chinese resources grows, you’ll be able to read both traditional and simplified resources.

Highlight Verse in iPhone BibleReader

Simple search. With our redesigned search function, you can quickly choose the search parameters you want without the distraction of too many buttons. Looking for advanced options like Greek and Hebrew keyboards, phrase searches, or wildcard searches? Touch More for all the search and sorting options you desire!

Highlight Verse in iPhone BibleReader

Bug fixes and performance improvement. You’ll find that BibleReader starts faster and has more responsive controls. The 4.11 update also includes numerous bug fixes.

This update has been submitted to Apple and will be available on iTunes soon!

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