“I hardly even use my PC for bible study anymore; with all that’s available on @OliveTreeBible there’s no need!” – T.C., TX

“Using BR5 w/ iPad for sermon prep has allowed me to spend far less time tied to my pc, and more time w/ my family. Thank you. 9 years using OliveTreeBible and its always improving. Now with BR5 and iPad, it’s my primary Bible software. -David Palmer, SC

“I’m thrilled to have my AccordanceBible library on my iPhone but OliveTreeBible is still my primary mobile Bible reading software, elegant.” – John, MO

“I’ve just been in a warm cafe looking out over the Mediterranean, reading BR5. Actually, marveling more than reading. While there, I emailed friends saying that the world had just changed. Bible-study-wise, there was the world before BibleReader 5 and the world after BibleReader 5. This software is the stuff we dream of, on a phone, in my pocket. My friends, my old mum, my old dad, everyone I know thinks it’s amazing. Well done.” – Jools, Malta