Aaron's pizza choice

So, what’s it like to be part of the team here at Olive Tree? Well, we often find decisions and communication happen around food. Whether it’s our monthly communication lunch meetings, talking around the kitchen goodie basket, or departments going out for coffee, we all contribute to Olive Tree’s unique culture.

Upping the Caffeine

For example, the Olive Tree team gathered for our monthly staff lunch and meeting yesterday. We had fantastic pizza from our local delivery, extra caffeine in the form of Pepsi and Mountain Dew to keep us alert while dimming the lights to watch a slideshow by our developers explaining priorities for the upcoming year. Of course, one of us had to ask where the popcorn was and another wondered if the lights were being dimmed so he wouldn’t be noticed taking a nap. Joking aside, the team really appreciates these meetings.

In our previous lunch meeting, we had an opportunity to begin an introductory course in Greek by Dr. Bill Mounce, Olive Tree’s Vice President of Content and Learning. These meal-time meetings are great for personal enrichment, but also serve Olive Tree by building our team’s capacity and continue producing excellent biblical software.

David describing our secret development proposals