With today’s release of the Motorola Xoom by Verizon, one of Olive Tree’s Android developers, Scott Currie, braved the foot of snow that fell last night here in Spokane to be one of the first to get his hands on one. Upon entering the Olive Tree office, the new Xoom found itself immediately surrounded by not only the Android development team but also our iOS and other department teams excited by the new addition to our expanding tablet family.

Within minutes of arriving Scott installed BibleReader for Android. This tablet is sleek! Actually having a “live” Android tablet in the office is only fueling our developer’s drive to bring Android BibleReader’s potential to fruition.

One of Olive Tree’s employees has installed BibleReader on his personal Notion Ink Adam, also an Android Tablet. The picture is a little out of focus, but you can still see the text.

Bible on Xoom

Zondervan Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Bible on Xoom

Greek New Testament on Xoom

slightly fuzzy picture of TDNT on the Notion Ink Adam