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Among several new features, we’ve brought back the multiple verse copy! You can also now set a default Bible translation for any verse hyperlinks.

* Multi-verse copy when you select copy from a verse hyperlink
* On the iPad the library quick popover for the main window now has an all tab
* The library list view now has a tab at the top for all books, recently opened, and favorites.
* On the iPhone and iPod touch when you tap on the library on the main window it now goes straight to the full screen library.
* View note list by categories in split window on the iPad
* Sorting annotations by verse shows verse reference as subtitle item (rather than the date) and sorting by title shows content as subtitle.
* Bookmarks now store the first few words of the text they reference if book/chapter/verse based.
* Date references for annotations now show proper time based on local timezone.
* Lots more icons for notes.
* New default Bible setting for verse hyperlinks (advanced settings->Hyperlink Settings->Default Bible for Hyperlink)
* There is now a sermon section in the resource guide
* Charts and images now have a root level sections in resource guide
* Added Gesture Setting action for toggling toolbar. This is helpful for texts with lots of hyperlinks on the iPhone and iPod touch.

* Simply viewing a note no longer causes the updated date to change.
* Fixed large white space gaps at end of chapter
* Fixed a bug where doubled headings would sometimes appear on backwards scrolling
* Fixed a crash when tapping on the back arrow on popovers
* Fixed a bug where sometimes first line of chapter was missing
* A few more fixes for mixed right-to-left and left-to-right text
* Other small bug fixes
* Some performance and memory improvements.