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Jesus fulfilled more than 100 Old Testament prophecies during his life on earth. 

Of those, 24 prophecies concerned specifics about the way he would die.  

For example:
• He would be a Passover sacrifice and none of his bones would be broken
• He would be hung on a tree and his hands and feet would be pierced, indicating a death by crucifixion
• His executioners would cast lots for his clothing
• He would be betrayed by a friend
• He would refuse to answer those who accused him falsely.

Any one of these individually might not be conclusive, but put together the 100 prophecies, and they form a strong argument for Jesus as the promised Messiah.

Imagine having the entire list of 100 prophecies at your fingertips—just as close as your mobile device.

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Along with the 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus, you’ll also get —
•  50 Archaeological proofs that the New Testament is accurate.
•  8 Reasons we believe the Gospels are reliable
•  Evidence that the Dead Sea Scrolls show the accuracy of Bible translation over the centuries
•  10 answers to skeptic’s questions about the Bible

Why Trust the Bible contains—
• Dozens of illustrations, photos, and diagrams
• Charts
• Time Lines
• Maps

Have it on your mobile device all the time. Perfect for conversing with skeptics or just for your own information.

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