Popups! We know you’ve been waiting to see them on your Android device. They’re coming soon!
The Best thing about popups? Popups enable you to access more information through Strong’s numbers, cross references, footnotes, and word definitions in the original language.
Bottom line: when you see anything different on your screen tap it—you might learn something new.

We’ve updated the interface for Android users!
Our new Android tablet interface is designed to make your Bible study experience seamless and intuitive…letting you focus on God and the Bible instead of technology.
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We will soon be posting a public beta and hope to have the market release follow as soon as possible.
Make sure to let us know how these features enhanced your Bible Study experience!
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Click on the thumbnails below to see actual screen shots of the popups in action.

Tablet Cross Reference

Tablet Strong's Number with Notes open

Phone with Cross Reference Popup

Phone landscape with verse hyperlink popup