When you think of San Francisco many things might spring to mind. The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, Tony Bennett, earthquakes, The Giants,.other things……

I bet you’re not thinking about what are probably the greatest thinkers among Biblical scholars. But that’s who is gathering to the city by the bay in the coming weeks.

Why all the Biblical discussion? It’s time for the Society for Biblical Literature (SBL) and the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) annual brouhahas.

At SBL you’ll find out about the latest in Biblical research. There will be books and digital resources and of course, that’s where we come in with Olive Tree Bible Software.

If you’re around on Sunday, November 20 be sure and check out the Bible software shootout. Along with Accordance and Logos Bible Software we’ll be demonstrating the usefulness of our software in the classroom with a 35 minute presentation followed by questions. The goal is to demonstrate how easily software can be used in the classroom for English Bible classes and/or original languages. Why not plan on attending the Shoot Out and stopping by our booth to see Daniel, or one of our other fine representatives?

The MacInites, the PCites, Tabletites, and Phone-ites discuss Bible software platforms

We’ll also be proudly displaying our digital prowess at ETS. “Founded in 1949, the Evangelical Theological Society is a group of scholars, teachers, pastors, students, and others dedicated to the oral exchange and written expression of theological thought and research.” Their theme this year is “No Other Name,” and promises to have presentations that will definitely challenge your thinking in this complex world. So if you’re headed to ETS definitely come by and see us.