Windows PC users, be sure to download the 5.0.2 update to BibleReader, now available at We’ve incorporated many of your suggestions and requests into the latest update. Thanks for all your input and please keep it coming!

Here are some of the features in BibleReader 5.0.2 for PC:

Verses Hyperlink in Notes

While creating notes in BibleReader, each Bible verse you type into the note window will automatically become a usable hyperlink. Hold the “Ctrl” button and click on the hyperlink to open the Bible verse in a pop-up window.


Set Sync for Windows

If you like to have multiple books open at once, this new feature is designed for you. You can pick and choose how your tear-out windows scroll along. In the example below, I have the NIV open in my main window and the ASV and Matthew Henry’s Commentary open in tear-out windows. By clicking on the drop down menu in the tear-outs (“MHC Jn 1:1▼” and “ASV Jn 1:1▼”) I can choose “Window Link Options” and set my commentary and second Bible to follow along with the Bible in my main window, or I can create a new link set. All of the books you set to the “A” link set will follow along with each other as you scroll, the same for all the “B” group and “C” group. The default setting is Follow Main Window, so as you scroll through the book in your main window, the other books will follow along.



Additional Features in this Update

  • Text selection while scrolling.
  • Bug fixes within the app.