“Inspiring people to connect with God and the Bible” is our guiding mission at Olive Tree. Our desire to get people excited about reading and studying their Bible is universal, spanning continents and languages.

Image courtesy of http://www.bibel.no

We worked closely with the Norwegian Bible Society when they released Bibelen 2011, a new translation based on the original biblical texts and updated to the modern Norwegian language. The release of this Bible translation was monumental for Norway. In anticipation of the Bible’s arrival, lines of people stretched around bookstores and people camped out overnight waiting to get a copy of the first new Norwegian translation in over 30 years. Theology students from Oslo made the national news when they dressed up as Bible characters to celebrate the Bible’s release.

The new Norwegian translation topped Norway’s book charts almost every week in 2011 after its October publication.  Selling nearly 80,000 copies in under three months, Bibelen 2011 far outweighed everyone’s expectations, proving that God’s Word, the Bible, is still powerful and relevant today.

Olive Tree was proud to be among the first to release the new Norwegian Bible, and it is stories like this that make us excited about the BibleReader app and its potential to spread the gospel.

Through our partnership with United Bible Societies, we are developing relationships with Bible Societies in Brazil, Thailand, The Philippines, India and other countries, and hope to offer new translations of the Bible in even more languages. Even places where access to the Bible is limited because of religious persecution can be reached through free Bible software.

Currently we have over 75 titles in foreign languages, including Bibles in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, French, Afrikaans, Dutch, Tagalog, Swedish, Italian and more, and the list is steadily growing.

To learn more about the great work that the United Bible Societies is doing in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, visit their site Here. To see a listing of the foreign language titles available from Olive Tree, head to the Online Store.