I often find that my time in God’s Word is guided in different ways. At times, I read the Bible with a devotional lens, perhaps finding ways to encourage a friend going through a difficult time or simply learning to know and love God more deeply. There are also times when I read the Bible “thinkingly,” with eyes open to what my study notes, Bible commentaries, and Bible dictionaries might have to teach me. Olive Tree provides Bibles and Bible study materials that help me approach the Bible both thinkingly and devotionally, in order to foster a rich relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the Word.

The New Interpreter’s Study Bible, based on the text of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, blends a devotional and a thinking read of the Old and New Testament and deuterocanonical books. This resource is especially equipped with enhanced features in BibleReader. The split-screen mode allows you to read the study notes, outlines, and book introductions alongside the biblical text.

Introductions at the beginning of each biblical book highlight major themes within that book, the style of the author and his writing, and the historical and biblical context of the book. Detailed verse-by-verse notes follow the introductions and book outlines and contain helpful insights into the biblical text. Students of the Bible will find new depth and insight in this work, whether newcomers to scriptural study or seasoned academics.

Check out the New Interpreter’s Study Bible on OliveTree.com and continue to read the Bible thinkingly as a way to delve more deeply into the depths of God’s Word.