Study Bibles are a fantastic resource for diving into a more thorough study of the Bible. Olive Tree has excellent Study Bibles in our online store at But there are some tricks of the trade in making the most of your Study Bible in BibleReader. Here are four helpful tips about Study Bibles:

1. Split-Window Tracking:

With the Bible open in the main window and the Study Bible notes in the split-screen window, scrolling through the Bible will automatically update the study notes to the same Bible verse, making it easy to follow the biblical text with the Study Bible notes.


2. Optimizing the Resource Guide:

With a Bible open in the main window and the Resource Guide in the split-screen window, all of the relevant information contained in the Study Bible for the verses displayed—charts, maps, essays, outlines, and more—is displayed for quick access.


3. Grid vs. List View:

The default setting for the table of contents in Study Bibles is the “Grid View.” Using the Go-To button in grid view only shows the Bible text notes in the Study Bibles. To see all of the information in the table of contents in your Study Bible, change from a Grid View to a List View in the upper right-hand corner of the Go-To pop-up window.

4. Mix and Match:

Study notes are separate from the Bible text, allowing them to be opened in a separate window. Open a Bible in the main window and any Study Bible notes in the split window to mix and match Study Bibles with various Bible translations.


We hope you found these tips helpful. To learn more about using your resources in the Olive Tree app, subscribe to this blog where we keep you up to date on all things Olive Tree.