Did you get a new device recently and download BibleReader only to find that your previously purchased books and all your personal notes are gone? Don’t worry! With a few steps you can sync your notes and share your resources with your device or computer running BibleReader. Make sure to follow both sets of instructions to get your notes and books to your new device.

Get Your Purchased Books and Bibles

From the device where you made your purchases:

  1. Open your library and then tap on the “Store” button.
  2. Tap on the “Purchased” tab.
  3. Tap on “Back up and synchronize books with your Olive Tree account
    • If all your iTunes purchases for this application are not showing in the “Books in your iTunes Account” section, select the “Get Books from my iTunes Account for this app” entry on the list.
  4. Input your account information or make sure information is correct and tap on “Login”

Android, Nook, Kindle

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

If you do not have an Olive Tree account

    1. Follow steps 1-3 from above.
    2. Tap on “Create Account”
    3. Enter your email address and a password and tap on “Create Account”

On your new device:
After you have backed up your books you can find them in the “Purchased” tab on your new device.

If you have just created a new account you will need to login on your new device to see your synced purchases. *Please note: Free downloads are not registered and will not automatically appear in your Library. You will need to re-download free items from the inApp store on your device. Not all products are available yet on all devices.

Get Your Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlights

From the device where you made your notes:

    On an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

    1. Tap on the suitcase icon (My Stuff)
    2. Tap on “Backup &Sync” at the bottom of the menu
    3. Enter your Olive Tree username and password

    On an Android device, Nook or Kindle

    1. Tap “Menu” and select “My Stuff”
    2. Tap “Backup & Sync” at the bottom of the menu
    3. Enter your Olive Tree username and password


Your notes have now been pushed up to the Olive Tree Cloud. To pull down your notes to your new device, follow the same four steps for syncing on your new device, using the same Olive Tree account information.