The wait is over! BibleReader 5.0 is available for immediate download on Google Play.  Android users have reason to rejoice with this latest update. BibleReader 5.0 packs a punch with new features, speed optimization, and several bug fixes. We’ll cover all of the great new features soon, but today we want to focus on the biggest enhancement in the latest BibleReader for Android: the Resource Guide. Learn about the ways that the Resource Guide makes Bible study easier with the features below.



Searching is a snap

With the Resource Guide, don’t waste any more time flipping through your resources or searching through stacks of books. The Resource Guide pulls all of the relevant information in your library, categorizes it, and brings it to your fingertips.

Open a Bible in your main window and select Resource Guide from the split-screen menu to see related material for your Bible passage, including commentaries, maps, charts, images, outlines, related verses, articles on people, places and topics in your text, and much, much more. The Resource Guide does all the work for you. It’s like having your very own research assistant.


Configure search results to see only what you want to see

Tap on the gear icon at the top of the Resource Guide to configure your settings and select the type of information you’d like to see displayed in the Resource Guide. You can prioritize search categories by moving them up or down the list and also enable or disable categories so only the information you want to see is visible in the Resource Guide.


Resource Guide follows you wherever you go

As you read through the Bible, the Resource Guide will track along with you. When you switch from John to Luke, the Resource Guide will go with you and display the results for Luke. Switch back to John and the Resource Guide switches, too.


Download Android BibleReader 5 to enhance your Bible study with the tools in the Resource Guide.