“When Christ entered into Jerusalem the people spread garments in the way: when He enters into our hearts, we pull off our own righteousness, and not only lay it under Christ’s feet but even trample upon it ourselves.”-Augustus Toplady, English Clergyman

Admittedly, Lent can be a somber part of the Christian year. While Palm Sunday is remembered as a day of celebration, of shouting Hosanna to the King, it’s also a reminder that those who shouted “Hosanna!” to King Jesus on Sunday used those voices to condemn him to death on Friday.

The painful parts of life that are exposed during Lent and Holy Week give us the opportunity to look at Palm Sunday through a new lens. On the historical Palm Sunday, coats were the only thing that the people had to throw down at Jesus’ feet and palm fronds were their only banner. But we who live in the reality of a Risen Savior shed more than our physical coats and wave more than a palm-frond banner. We shed brokenness and frailty and sin in order to wave the banner of Christ’s righteousness, of Christ’s ultimate triumph over sin and death on Easter Sunday.

As we experience anew this week the reality of Christ’s Resurrection, we can sing out our own “Hosannas!” with heart and mind and voice.