For some reason, I’ve been thinking more this year about Easter’s joyful celebration of life. Maybe it’s because I was assigned to make the scalloped potatoes dish for the Easter dinner I’ll be attending. As I was thinking about all the individual dishes that will make up our Easter feast, the question of why we’re feasting jumped into my mind.


We feast because Easter is a celebration of the abundant life we have in Christ. After the deprivation of Lent and the sorrow of Holy Week, it’s on Easter Sunday that we realize that life lived with Christ is truly abundant. To live in freedom and forgiveness with the promise of eternal life and the life-long companionship of the Holy Spirit, the in-dwelling God, is to live abundantly.


We feast on Easter Sunday because it reminds us that Christ’s Resurrection is truly great news. Just as we eagerly anticipate the time on Easter Sunday when we sit down at table with family and friends to enjoy good food and fellowship, so the great news of Easter is that Christ has opened up the table to everyone who trusts in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Because of the Resurrection, all who trust in Christ are invited to partake in the feast of Communion in which Christ himself offers us abundant life through the events of Good Friday, through the pouring out of His blood and the giving of His body.


May you experience the abundance of life with Christ this Easter as you celebrate the Risen Lord.


Hallelujah! Christ is risen!


He is risen, indeed!