If you’re like many of our users, you really like taking notes, highlighting and adding bookmarks in your books and Bibles. Maybe you have even accumulated more notes than you can scroll through.  Adding categories can be a helpful way to sort through all of those gems you have in your Olive Tree Bible app. Here’s how to add categories:

Adding Categories to Highlights and Bookmarks

Open the “My Stuff” folder by tapping on the suitcase icon. Select “Highlighters” or “Bookmarks” and find the one you’d like to add to a category. Tap on the blue arrow next to the note or highlight you’d like to categorize and select “Change Category.” The default category is called “Annotations.” To add a new category to the list tap on “Create New Category” at the bottom of the pop-up menu. Tap "Change Category"

Name your category and tap the “Create” button on the top right. Notice that you can also select a different parent category, meaning once you’ve created a category, you can nest other categories within it.  For example, if you added the category “New Testament Highlights” you could then select it as the parent category and create more categories within “New Testament Highlights” for the gospels, Pauline epistles, etc.

Once you’ve added the new category, tap “Back” and make sure to tap on the new category to add your highlight or bookmark. You should see a check mark next to the selected category.

Selected Category

Adding Categories to Notes

Open the “My Stuff” folder by tapping on the suitcase icon. Select “Notes” and tap the “Add Category” button on the bottom right of the pop up. Add a name for your new category and tap “Create.” You should see the new category appear in your notes folder. To add a note to your new category, tap on the note to open it. At the bottom of the note there are five icons. Tap on the icon that looks like a file folder to see the list of categories to choose from. Tap on a category to select it as the folder for your note.

Important note: Categories act as a sub folder in your “My Stuff” meaning you must first select one of the top level folders like “Notes” or “Bookmarks” to see your categories. If you want to organize similar notes, bookmarks and highlights into a top level folder that you can quickly and easily view, you can do this using tags. But more on that later…

Deleting Categories

To delete a category, simply swipe your finger to the right over the top of the category name.

A red “Delete” button will display. If you delete a category that has notes or highlights in it, it will also delete those notes and highlights, so be careful!

Using categories is a simple, but effective way to organize your notes, highlights and bookmarks. Check back with us next week to see a different way to organize your “My Stuff” folder by using Tags.