It was 200 years ago today that Karl Friedrich Adolf Steinkopf founded a society to distribute the Luther Bible to the poor of Germany. Help us celebrate the German Bible Society’s 200th birthday!

Karl Steinkopf

The Beginnings of the German Bible Society

Steinkopf’s Bible Society, founded with help from the British and Foreign Bible Society, was active in the area of Württemberg, and received support from King Frederick I, as well as special privileges such as free postage. The Württemberg Bible Society, as it came to be called, became the basis of the German Bible Society, which came to exist in its present form in 1981. The German Bible Society today is still known for its work in providing a variety of Bible translations to the German-speaking world, as well as its editions of original language biblical texts such as the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the Biblical Hebraica Quinta, and Rahlf’s Septuaginta. These texts have become the de facto scholarly standards and have made the German Bible Society known and loved worldwide.

Olive Tree and the German Bible Society

In 1999, Drew Haninger, President of Olive Tree, met with a representative of the German Bible Society over a couple of cokes. Since then, Olive Tree and the German Bible Society have had a great partnership, allowing Olive Tree to offer many great original language texts through our Bible study apps. Today we are celebrating the German Bible Society’s 200th anniversary with a huge, 24-hour sale on our website.

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