I teased you last week with some exciting new features that are making their way to The Bible Study App, but I realized that everyone might not know about all the great features already available in our app. Here are my top 5 favorite features:

1. The Resource Guide

This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a Bible study app. While I’m reading the Bible, I can open the Resource Guide in the split window to see cross references, study Bible notes, maps, topics and more that are all related to my current reading. As I continue to read, the Resource Guide tracks with me and updates the material to match the Scripture I’m reading.

Resource Guide

2. Search

I’m not very good at remembering verse references and often find myself asking things like, “Where is that verse about the mustard seed?” Instead of flipping through the Bible or searching through an index, I can tap on the search icon and type in “mustard seed” and find the verse I’m looking for. As an added bonus, I can view the verse in each of the gospel accounts and see other search results related to “mustard seed.”

Search in the Bible

3. Split Window

The split window has many functions. While reading in the main window, I can open the Resource Guide, another translation, a study Bible, or even take notes as I read the text. I love being able to take sermon notes while in church on Sunday. I can have my main window open to the passage and take notes in the split window. Before, I had to do a balancing act with my Bible in one hand and my notepad in another, trying to keep everything in place while flipping back and forth in the Bible along with the sermon. Now my Bible and notes are all easily managed in one hand.

Open the Split Window

4. Reading Plans

I think Daily Reading is the feature I am most excited about offering to everyone. Though reading plans aren’t available on all platforms yet, they soon will be and they will be able to sync between devices. We are also working on building new reading plans for Advent, reading the Bible in a year, and more. If you are on an iOS device, you can tap on the suitcase icon and select “Reading Plans” to browse the plans available now.

Daily Bible Reading

5. Verse Hyperlinks

Many people wonder what makes our resources stand out, and one of the biggest things is having verse hyperlinks. When I come to a cross reference while reading the Bible, all I have to do to see the full verse is tap on the hyperlink. Not only are the verses hyperlinked to open with a simple tap, I can create hyperlinks in my notes as well. When I type a verse like Acts 8:3, and finish editing the note the verse automatically becomes a hyperlink.

Hyperlink Bible Verses

If you haven’t taken advantage of these great features in The Bible Study App, I hope you’ll go try them out after reading this. Do you have any favorite features that I didn’t mention here? If so, you can leave us a comment by clicking here.