Waiting in line is the pits. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone exclaim, “Yes! This line is incredibly long, I’m going to be here forever!” so I’m going to assume that no one likes waiting in line. Having recently gotten married, I had the unfortunate pleasure of waiting in some of the most notoriously long lines, including the county courthouse, the DMV, the Social Security Office and my bank, so I know a thing or two about waiting in line.

Waiting in line

I’m generally not a very patient person and I find that I get less and less patient while standing in line for something. I realized that my impatience was becoming a problem when I found myself diving in and out of lines at the grocery store trying to find the fastest. This ultimately backfired because, as I’m sure you know, there is a law of physics that says the second you step out of a line at the grocery store it immediately speeds up as all the others come crawling to a stop.

My grocery store shenanigans quickly revealed my problem with impatience and so I began looking for a cure. Luckily the cure turned out to be rather simple. I have the Bible Study App on my smartphone, and I carry my phone with me everywhere. I even sleep with it…but that’s a discussion for another time. As I wait in line now, instead of glaring holes into the back of the person’s head in line ahead of me who just pulled out thirty coupons, I pull out my phone and open the Bible Study App. I usually open one of the devotionals in my Olive Tree library. Devotional entries are usually short and depending on the line length I can get through a couple entries. Also devotionals usually include encouraging and admonishing words that calm me down as the cashier calls for the manager to resolve the thirty-coupon issue.

If you have a similar distaste for waiting in line, I recommend you check out Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional and Streams in the Desert. While I still don’t love waiting in line, I find that I am not bothered by added delays because I get to spend more time reading and contemplating God’s Word.

Do you have a trick to make waiting in line more enjoyable? Please share it in the comments.