A couple of Olive Tree employees have been hard at work crafting a year-long devotional using excerpts from the writings of great preachers like John Wesley, Andrew Murray and Charles Spurgeon. This selection below comes from the writings of Charles Spurgeon, an English pastor in the 19th century who is said to have preached to 10 million people in his lifetime. May his words give you encouragement today!


Isaiah 3:10: “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.”

It is well with the righteous always. If Isaiah 3:10 had said, “Tell the righteous that it is well with him in his wealth,” we should have been thankful for so great a help. Wealth is dangerous, and it is a gift from heaven to be secured from its snares. If it had been written, “It is well with him when persecuted,” we should have been thankful for so sustaining an assurance, because persecution is hard to bear. But when no time is mentioned, all time is included.

God’s “shall” must be understood always in the largest sense. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, in all conditions and under all circumstances, it shall be well with the righteous. It is so well with him that we could not imagine it to be better. He is well-fed, because he feeds on the body and blood of Jesus; he is well-clothed, because he wears the imputed righteousness of Christ; he is well-housed, because he dwells in God; he is well-married, because his soul is in union with Christ; he is well-provided for, because the Lord is his Shepherd and heaven is his inheritance.


Beloved, if God declares that all is well, ten thousand demons may declare it to be ill, but we laugh at them all. Blessed be God for a faith that enables us to believe God when the creatures contradict Him. The Word says it is at all times well with you, righteous one. Believe it on divine authority more confidently than if your eyes and your feelings told it to you. Whom God blesses is blessed indeed, and what He declares is truth most sure and steadfast.


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