A month or so ago, Thomas Nelson shipped us a huge box of books for a commentary set that we were soon going to offer on OliveTree.com: the Word Biblical Commentary. One department worked out the calculation for how tall the stack of physical books would stand if we stacked them on top of each other. Eight feet. Almost as tall as Goliath.

Eight feet!

To make our point, we thought we’d take these photos to show you what you’re not carting around in your backpack by buying the Word Biblical Commentary through Olive Tree! We also did a sneaky little calculation for you. If you bought each volume of the commentary set individually for $49.99, you’d spend $2949.41, so thank goodness for eBooks, right?

To top it off, this is a widely-acclaimed commentary set written by leading scholars. Each individual volume offers detailed analysis of the text in the framework of biblical theology. This is an exceptional resource for pastors, professors, students, and everyone who loves studying God’s Word.

The $299.99 sale price for the commentary set is available only through OliveTree.com (not in-app) from Tuesday, November 13 through the end of the day Monday, November 19. Grab this awesome commentary set while you can!